Frequently Asked Questions


To be one of our Experts you must be Startup-passionate and/or experienced, and have launched your own Startup or business in the last 5 years.

TRIBULAR is a Startup-passionate community and is comprised of three main types of Experts:

• entrepreneurs who want to give back

• freelancers, who specialise in Startup and small-business clientele

• startup agencies

In many cases, new accounts are not approved due to them being incomplete, inaccurate or unresponsive. If we are not able to reach you after several attempts, your account may be rejected, as we cannot provide our 7-star experience without getting to know you first.

Jobs And Features

The method of communication is at the users’ discretion; however, the dashboard has been designed to ensure everything is kept in a central place for ease. Managing a business is already hard, so why make it harder? Startups and Experts can communicate using TRIBULAR’s dashboard, which supports real-time messaging and file uploads.

Startups can establish contracts, terms and use confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements before commencing work. These can be shared using the file upload functionality in the dashboard, or signed prior to work commencing and then later uploaded into the dashboard for reference.

Nice work! Cross that job off your To Do list by confirming that the job has been completed within 5 business days to commence payment and reviews on TRIBULAR.

We understand that sometimes you can find another way to achieve the same results. In fact, we encourage you to do so if it is leaner and just as effective. So yes - you can cancel a job if you haven’t yet chosen an Expert to work with. There are no costs to cancel a job at this stage.

If you have already begun working with an Expert and choose to cancel the job in the middle, you will need to notify both the Expert and TRIBULAR within 7 business days after doing your best to work through the reason to cancel the job. Please contact

Not all partnerships work out. That’s the truth. In order to ensure yours does, make a considered decision and take the time to clarify deliverables, timelines and requirements of both parties before commencing a job.

In standard Jobs, which are used for more complicated and longer projects, we have an “Initial Review” step, which provides both parties a ‘stop and align’ opportunity. Use this time to pivot, or confirm expectations.

However, very infrequently, there may be a reason that one or both parties do not wish to complete the job. In this instance, TRIBULAR encourages both parties to have a constructive conversation with one another to find a resolution. Often, a conversation and few questions can help things along.

If attempting to resolve things between the Startup and Expert has failed, please contact TRIBULAR with 7 business days with your job details and confirmation that resolution has not been reached. We will investigate the situation further and provide a fair outcome that is final and binding.

Fees And Payments

The minimum job value is $10.

TRIBULAR doesn’t charge startups fees to post or hire our Experts, as we encourage all founders to seek the support they need.

Once you have found your Expert, there is a 1.75% + 30c fee that goes directly to our external payment provider, who keeps your card and banking details safe. This allow TRIBULAR to facilitate payments securely for our users.

TRIBULAR doesn’t charge Experts fees to apply for a job. Once a job has commenced and you have been selected by the Startup, we debit 10% of the job value and payment processing fees.

In BETA mode, TRIBULAR manually handles payments to Experts. Please ensure upon job completion you provide us with a copy of your invoice to and we will process your payment immediately. Please allow up to 10 business days for payment to arrive.